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The Magdalene Rite is an ancient ceremony passed down through generations of the Serpent Bloodline. Created by Mary Magdalene's children in remembrance of her it is also used by many in the line that followed as a means to invoke her essence and genetic memories. A beautiful and powerful tribute to an Illuminated teacher and Tau.

Now you can learn how to perform the ceremony for yourself and take advantage of the wealth of genetic memories that come flooding back to you as you follow the detailed instructions to have an uplifting and illuminating experience brought to you in Tau Tia's new book.

The book also contains information about the children of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, Mary Magdalene's hidden teachings and teachings to her own children which have been cherished by the Bloodline to this day.

It also includes detailed Altar layout guides and explains the symbolism of the esoteric items used in the Rite.

Turn the pages and step into the past, learn from the Divine Wisdom of our ancestors.

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